Course curriculum

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    Before We Begin...

    • Disclaimer

    • Welcome!

    • A Message From Kelsie, Your FNTP

    • Help Me Get To Know You!

    • What We Will Cover

    • Week 1 Rubric

    • Week 2 Rubric

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    • Foundation Breakdown

    • Foundations Necessary for Optimal Gut Health

  • 3

    Foundations Part 1: Properly Prepared, Nutrient-Dense Foods

    • How To Source REAL Foods

    • Bonus Lesson: Properly Sourcing Labels and Certifications

    • How to Navigate Product Labels

    • A Message From Your Farmers On The Importance of Properly Sourced, Organic Foods

    • Pantry Purge Activity

    • Pantry Purge Activity Pt. 2

    • At Home Food Intolerance Teaching

  • 4

    Foundations Part 2: Digestion

    • Support Your Digestion, Support Your Gut

    • Common Signs That Your Body Isn't Producing Enough HCL

    • Support Your Digestion, Support Your HORMONES

    • Tips To Improve Your Digestion

    • Therapeutic Foods For Digestion

  • 5

    Foundations Part 3: Blood Sugar Regulation

    • Common Signs of Blood Sugar Dysregulation

    • HPA Axis and Blood Sugar Regulation

    • Tips To Improve Your Blood Sugar

    • Therapeutic Foods For Blood Sugar Regulation

    • Blood Sugar Regulation and Brain Function

    • Foundations Quiz

  • 6

    What is the gut, really?

    • Week 3 Guide

    • The Two Variables That Effect Our Gut Health

    • Gut Microbiome and Gut Lining

    • Ted Talk: Gut Bugs and You with Warren Peters

    • Common Sings You May Be Experiencing Gut Dysfunction

    • What Causes Gut Dysfunction

    • C-section vs. Vaginal Birth/ Breast Milk vs. Formula and the Effect They Have On the Gut Microbiome

    • The Effects of Antibiotics on the Gut Microbiome

    • Nitty Gritty Gut Quiz

    • Explaining Gut Microbiome To Your Child

  • 7

    How Can You Achieve Optimal Gut Health?

    • Week 4 Guide

    • So We Know What NOT To Do, What CAN We Do?

    • What are Prebiotics and Probiotics Exactly?

    • Prebiotic Rich Foods

    • What are Fermented Foods and Why Do I Need Them?

    • Probiotic Rich Foods

    • Action Steps To Help You Rebuild Your Gut

    • Pro-Biotic Supplement Recommendations

    • Optimize Your Gut Quiz

  • 8

    Gut Connections

    • Intro to Gut Connections

    • Gut- Skin Connection

    • Dr. Josh Axe on Gut- Skin Connection

    • Gut- Stress Connection

    • Gut- Allergy Connection

    • Inside the Microbiome: Why Good Gut Bacteria Is the Big Hope For Allergic Disease

    • Gut- Autoimmune Connection

    • Gut-Thyroid PDF

    • Gut-Brain Connection

    • Gut- Brain Connection

    • Gut- Anxiety/ Depression Connection

  • 9

    7- Day Gut Forward Food Guide

    • Gut-Forward Meal Guide

    • Gut-Forward Grocery List

    • Gut Friendly Foods

  • 10

    Final Words

    • Out Into the Real World, What Now?

    • Thank you and Cheers To Healthier Belly Bugs!

    • Final Thoughts and Survey