Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Your Birth Control Bounce Back Course!

    • Disclaimer

    • How To Use Thinkific

    • A Warm Welcome and How to Engage!

    • BCBB Facebook Group Request Link

    • What Will Be Covered In This Course

    • Hormone Supportive Grocery Guide & Nutrient Breakdown (In case you are ready to get a JUMP start now!)

  • 2

    Birth Control 101

    • Brief History of the Birth Control Pill

    • Common Myths Surrounding Birth Control

    • What is Your "Why"?

  • 3

    Pillars and Contraceptive Guide

    • The 5 Pillars to Essential to Hormone Health

    • The 5 Pillars Essential to Hormone Health

    • Your Pillar "Cheat Sheet"

    • Blood Sugar Regulation Example Meal Guide

    • Before Moving Forward...

    • Hormonal and Non-Hormonal Types of Birth Control

    • Hormonal and Non-Hormonal Contraceptives

    • Side Effects of the Pill on Specific Organs and Organ Systems

    • Oral Contraceptives and Nutrients

    • Risk of IBS with Oral Contraceptives

    • The Pill and Mental Health

    • Oral Contraceptives and Mood

    • Gut Brain Axis: How the Microbiome Influences Anxiety and Depression

    • Mind Altering Microorganisms: The Impact of the Gut Microbiota on Brain and Behaviour

    • Module Resources and Citations

  • 4


    • Understanding and Supporting PCOS

    • Testing to Complete for PCOS

    • Module Resources and Citations

  • 5

    How To Support Your Body While ON Hormonal and Non-Hormonal Contraceptives

    • Daily Action Steps While ON Hormonal Contraceptives

    • HTMA Testing, DUTCH Testing, and GI Maps

    • Pulse Test Directions for Food Intolerance Navigation

    • Supplement Dispensary

  • 6

    Ready to Transition off of Hormonal or Non-Hormonal Contraceptives? Or Maybe You Have Already?

    • Daily Action Steps While Transitioning OFF of Hormonal Birth Control

    • Daily Action Steps While Transitioning OFF of Copper IUD

    • HTMA Testing, DUTCH Testing, and GI Maps

    • Pulse Test Directions for Food Intolerance Navigation

    • Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) + Basal Body Temperature Tracking (BBT)

    • BBT and FAM Explained

    • Post-Birth Control Symptom Support

    • Sleep Support

    • Understanding Each Phase of Your Natural Cycle and How to Sync Your Diet, Exercise, and Lifestyle to Each

    • Supplement Dispensary

  • 7

    How to Gauge Hormone Levels Without Test Results

    • Navigating Hormone Levels Without Testing

    • Hormone Imbalance Symptoms & Actionable Steps to Support Each

  • 8

    This Isn't Goodbye, It's a See You Later (And I Better!)

    • Closing Video

    • Final Thoughts and Survey

    • Additional Resources That I Recommend to Help You Continue in Your Learning/Healing Journey: